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We are always engineering new, innovative photo booths to add to our classic, award-winning product line. We design unique photo booths for event planners, route operators, location owners and consumers. We have just created revolutionary Smile 2.0 technology that allows consumers to print and share photos directly from the booth to social networks. That is, for the first time ever, customers can share their photos with friends and family by instantly uploading to Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mailing directly from the photo booth. With nearly 50 years of experience in the pay for play amusement industry, Apple Industries has become the leading photo booth manufacturer in the world, and has built the most popular, profitable line of photo booths ever. Learn more about the history of Apple Industries and its CEO/founder, Allen Weisberg.

  • “The difference in performance and cash flow with the Smile 2.0 operating system is simply amazing. We have seen some revenue increases of up to 50%.”

    Joe I, President, National Amusement Company
  • “We use Face Place in all different kinds of locations. Malls, restaurants, and movie theatres; young couples love to take pictures together. Anyplace with strong traffic is Face Place territory.  The Smile 2.0 operating system has allowed me to operate outside of my normal territory and expand my Route.”

    David K, President, National Mall Operator
  • “Our Face Place Photo Booths are usually in the black after just 6 or 7 months, which is phenomenal compared to other types of products in this industry.  We’ve seen long-term earnings on Face Place [photo booths] hold up very strongly compared to other products.  For our bar customers, it’s not ‘I’ll try it once and then I’m done.’ Many bar patrons are regular, repeat Face Place customers.”

    Darren D, Route Owner, Texas
  • “I couldn’t be more pleased with the Photo Studio Deluxe. It is a showpiece that adds depth to the typical photo booth experience. It has maintained a very high ranking in rooms with a terrific payback.”

    Pinstack’s Vice President of Operations, Brian Cohen
  • “The performance of the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe is beyond expectations. It is a great attraction that offers users a one-of-a-kind experience unrivaled by anything before it. I am seeing $500.00 earnings per day and expect to see $3000.00-$3500.00/week once we are in full season. The Photo Studio Deluxe is an awesome asset to any theme park or venue – inside or outside*”

    *Arrangements must be made for outdoor accommodation.
    Mission Beach Attractions, Anchor Tenant of Belmont Park, James Austin
  • “We had virtually stopped operating photo booths and had sold almost all of them until we saw the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe. At IAAPA, we observed groups of people entering the booth and walking away with a smile, so we decided to operate the Photo Studio Deluxe at one of the theme parks we operate in. To date this machine is producing excellent results. It was always in the top 5, and has achieved #1 in rankings! It is a very impressive machine, we have never had a photo booth produce these type of results!”

    Operator in a prominent Theme Park
  • “The Photo Studio Deluxe adds a whole new dynamic to my venue because it is unlike any video or redemption game. It is entertaining and creates long lasting memories for people, making it more of a personal experience than a game. The Photo Studio Deluxe has brought new money to my establishment and has given me access to untapped profits not offered by other attractions and games! I am so blown away by this photo booth that I am willing to give a personal testimonial to anyone that would like, contact Kris for further information”

    President of CJ Barrymores, Rick Iceberg
Our Awards
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    IAAPA Brass Ring Award - First Place Best New Product

    IAAPA Brass Ring: First Place Best New Product Award for the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe.

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    AMOA Innovators Choice

    AMOA Innovator Award for excellence in developing and delivering unique ideas to the Coin-Op Industry with “Product Fulfillment” Apple Industries 2016

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    PlayMeter 2015 “Operators’ Choice” Award for Best Photo Booth, Face Place /  Apple Industries

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    Mitsubishi Electric Visual and Imaging Systems “For Outstanding Achievement in Photo Booth Integration” Apple industries October 2014

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    PlayMeter 2014 “Operators’ Choice” Award for Best Photo Booth, Sapphire, Face Place / Apple Industries

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    Firestone Financial Platinum Partners 2014, Apple Industries

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