face place product fulfillment

NEW Product Fulfillment Opportunity & Distributor Certification Program

Starting In 2016, Users of Face Place Photo Booths Will Be Able to Order Coffee Mugs, Keychains & More With Their Favorite Face Place Photos; Upsell Opportunity Creates Yet Another Ancillary Revenue Stream To Enable Distributors to Support Growing Line of Apple Face Place Products and Services, Company Will Launch Distributor Certification Program Greenvale, NY, Dec.…


Apple Industries draws BIG crowds at IAAPA with the PHOTO STUDIO DELUXE Debut!

New! A GIANT Photo Booth that is an ATTRACTION with GIANT Earnings! First, ‘Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe’ Draws a Crowd with its unique cabinet design. Then It Takes Their Picture! BIG new concept from Apple Industries, the leader in digital photo booths, caters to the popular social dynamic with the first-ever “interactive group photo booth.” Apple…