Photo Booth Revenue Share Program

Face Place Photo Booths have proven to be one of the top earners in the coin-operated industry. Our Smile 2.0 software provides a creative and exciting marketing avenue for any venue. Apple Industries’ Revenue Share Program aids businesses in getting a Face Place Photo Booth placed in their business at no cost to them!

We want you to earn money and help market your business with our photo booths, with no hassle on your end!

Market Your Brand Creatively!

The internet and social networks have enabled people from all over the world to connect to each other instantaneously. Over 8 billion total hours are spent on Facebook alone on a monthly basis, which is a great marketing opportunity for your business or brand.

All Smile 2.0 Face Place photo booths are internet-ready and can connect directly to customers’ social media pages. Users can instantly upload their photo strip (containing your logo on the 4th frame) from your Face Place Photo Booth to their personal page, spreading your custom branded photo strip along with a message linking back to your website to all of their friends. The average Facebook user has 130 friends, and that customer just showed how much fun they are having at your establishment to all of their friends! There is no better way to advertise than having your customers do it for you!

A Face Place Photobooth in your bar or restaurant does this for you.

Turn Key Program

The Revenue Share Program is extremely hands off for an establishment owner. Apple Industries, through their national operating program will provide, install, and maintain your Face Place Photo Booth. Our product line has a huge variety of photo booths available, including:

  • The Face Place Sapphire, a bar and restaurant favorite featuring a sultry black cabinet and eye-catching “Photo Booth” sign on top. The Sapphire has a small footprint for those concerned with space requirements and has all the capabilities of our Smile 2.0 software.
  • The Face Place Deluxe, providing a larger, more spacious cabinet with strong curb appeal, the Deluxe is a proven focal point with its camera lens booth design

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